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Spring Cleaning For The Soul

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

It is officially Spring! Every year we give our homes a deep clean; out with the old, in with the new. Do you do the same to your mind? Decluttering your brain is just as important as organizing your home.

Here are some tips to achieve a little spring clean of the soul this season.

Tackle Projects You've Been Putting Off.

We all have a mental list of projects we really need to tackle. Start your “mental health spring cleaning” by writing down all of the things that you’ve been putting off, like fixing that squeaky door or finally scheduling that appointment with your doctor, and taking the necessary steps to get everything done.

Purge negative thoughts and feelings.

To make space for more joy in our life, we have to intentionally grab on to every negative thought and actively let go of it. Holding on to negative thoughts about yourself or your life keeps you from the potential joys that await.

For some people, negative thoughts often look like “that's too hard” or “this will never work". Try writing down some positive affirmations and focus on each day.

Let go of resentment.

A lot of us have hurt in our past. Resentment takes up space in your mind and heart, leaving less room for joy. Letting go of old hurts & grudges will create a more positive space in your mind and you’ll feel less stress and anxiety as a result.

Begin Healing Past Trauma.

If you haven’t already, now is the time to start taking steps towards overcoming the experiences in your past that have negatively affected you. Don’t be afraid to reach out to professionals for advice and guidance.

Make Gratitude a priority.

Gratitude starts with noticing the goodness in life. One great way to promote a healthy mind is to take some time to consider everything in your life you're grateful for.

There are many ways to foster gratitude:

  • Write thank-you notes to others.

  • Think about people who have inspired you.

  • Spend time with people you love.

  • Turn negative experiences into lessons

  • Thank the people who serve you in the community

  • When times are bad, focus on your friends & loved ones who are at your side.

Renew your spirit.

A few minutes of yoga, meditation, prayer or deep breathing is great for mental cleansing. These relaxation strategies can help you unwind, stay in the present, ignite your inner spirit and reduce the negative energy and thoughts consuming your day.

Have you started spring cleaning? Have you found ways to achieve spring cleaning of the soul?

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